Beloved Pets Calming Pheromone Spray & Scratch Repellent for Cats – Reduce Scratching Furniture, Pee – During Travel, Fireworks, Thunder, Vet Zone – Helps to Relief Stress, Fighting, Hiding

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pheromone calming products pheromone calming products

calming products pheromone diffuser collar refillcalming products pheromone diffuser collar refill

We are introducing our Pheromone Calming Products Line, a haven of tranquility for your beloved cats and dogs. Crafted with care, our products harness the power of natural pheromones to create a soothing atmosphere that helps alleviate stress and anxiety. From calming diffusers to comforting sprays and collars, our range is designed to provide a sense of security and peace for your furry companions.

Calming Line for Cats

Calming Line for Dogs

How do these products work?

Our pheromone calming products, available as collars, sprays, diffusers, and refills. These pheromones help reduce stress, anxiety, and unwanted behaviors in pets.

What are pheromone calming products?

Pheromone calming products are designed to create a calming and stress-relieving environment for dogs and cats.

Do these products have an aroma?

Yes, the lavender aroma used in our pheromone calming products is both natural and safe. Lavender is known for its calming properties, enhancing the stress-relief effects of our products without compromising your pet’s well-being.

✅ DRUG-FREE: The calming catnip sprays emits a copy of the organic pheromones. This allows cats to feel at ease and maintain a harmonious connection with one another.
✅ CORRECTION PROBLEMATIC BEHAVIOR: Effective for 90% of cats to reduce fighting, scratch, urine marking, stop spraying, peeing, hiding and other behavior in the household. Keep relaxing with our pheremones product.
✅HOW TO USE: Calm sedative products can be used with a car, cat carrier, indoor or with onto different objects with which your pet is in contact. It is great for use for your home area, such as window frames and doorframes, armchair, sofa etc.
✅ FIRST EFFECT: The effects of the reduces scratching and urine will came within 7 days. For the best result, repeat every 6 hours

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