PAWSCRAT 30 * 24″ Cat Litter Mat Large Size Mat Trapping Litter, Double-layer Envelope Pocket Design, EVA Material Easy to Clean and Washable, Gray

by konkon

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Green Gray Green Beige Gray colourful

10 Pounds 14.68 Pounds 14.68 Pounds 8.25 Pounds 6.48 Pounds 3.17Pounds

21.6x 17.3x 63inches 109 inches 109 inches 15 x 11 x 7 inches ‎ 17.68 x 9.37 x 7.8 inches 5 x 4 x 5 inches

Trapping Litter: Honeycomb grid design cat litter mat can help trap and collect the scattered litter, preventing it from spreading throughout your home. Large-pore enhanced litter capture capacity, can accommodate all kinds of cat litter on the market.
Envelope Pocket Design: Our cat litter mat utilizes an innovative double-layer envelope design, so litter falls through the top layer, to be stored in the bottom layer. The two layers can be flexed apart like an envelope, so you can simply pick up the mat and funnel the collected litter into the trash or back into your litter box.
Easy Clean Up: You can pour the collected cat litter back into the litter box, rinse it with water or Vacuum to remove any remaining debris or residue. After cleaning, place it in a well-ventilated place to let the litter mat dry completely, avoiding high temperatures.
Cat Claw Cleaning: It is not uncommon for cats to get litter stuck in between their paw digits. The honeycomb structure of the cat litter mat can trap the cat litter sandwiched between the cat’s paws, preventing the cat from accidentally swallowing the cat litter when licking its paws.
Versatility: Plus it has a rubber-like squishiness that’s both durable and soft on your cat’s paws. Serving as a comfortable resting or grooming spot for your cat. They can also be placed near food and water bowls to catch spills or crumbs. Also it can help prevent scratches, stains, or abrasive particles from reaching and harming your flooring.

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