Cat Litter Mat Litter Trapping Mat, Honeycomb Double Layer Litter Box Mat, Waterproof Leakproof Washable Easy Clean, Anti-Slip, Scatter Control, No Phthalate, Scratch Resistant, 16″ x 20″ Black

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Product Description

cat matcat mat Feeyar Cat Litter Mat

Are you tired of constantly cleaning up after your feline friend?Easy to clean and designed to last, a cat litter mat is the perfect solution to maintain a clean, hygienic and pleasant living environment for both you and your beloved kitty.

Cat Litter Mat Litter Trapping MatCat Litter Mat Litter Trapping Mat

Three-sided sealThree-sided seal Three-sided Sealed Design

The three-sided sealed setting makes cat litter less likely to escape and easier to collect

large,cat litter trap matlarge,cat litter trap mat Velcro Seal

Velcro design ensures that cat litter cannot escape and is clean and tidy.

litter mat for litter boxlitter mat for litter box Easy to clean

Feeyar innovative litter mat has a non-slip drip glue on the bottom that not only traps loose litter, but can also be easily removed with simple vacuuming. No more bending over or wasting time in tedious cleanup!

litterbox matlitterbox mat

waterproof cat matwaterproof cat mat Waterproof Cat Mat

Cat litter trapping mat features a waterproof, ensuring no liquid seeps through. Prevent cat’s urine from spreading everywhere.

scratch-resistant cat matscratch-resistant cat mat Scratch-Resistant

Durable materials can withstand scratching behavior. Provide a safe and appropriate place for your cat to exercise their scratching instincts.

Honeycomb Litter Box MatHoneycomb Litter Box Mat Honeycomb Litter Mat

The honeycomb litter mat is easier to collect than other designs and does not rest on the litter mat. Make the house look cleaner and tidy.

Honeycomb Litter Box MatHoneycomb Litter Box Mat Anti-slip Design

The bottom of this litter mat has a non-slip drip glue, the mat will not move easily, easy to clean.

small waterproof matsmall waterproof mat

[User-Friendly Design]: Simply place the kitty litter mat under your cat’s litter box. When your cat steps out of the box, the innovative honeycomb holes on the top layer of the mat effectively capture any litter stuck to their paws. This litter then effortlessly falls through the holes, getting trapped in the leak-proof bottom layer for easy cleanup.
[Washable & Easy to Clean]: Simply empty the trapped litter back into the cat litter box, then give the mat a quick rinse with water or use a vacuum, easy dry. You’ll save time and effort. Our cat litter box mat is compatible with any litter box, cat box and works seamlessly with most kitty litters.
[Waterproof & Urine-Proof Cat Mat]: Cat litter trapping mat features a waterproof and slip-resistant bottom layer, ensuring no liquid seeps through and making it easy to reposition. Safeguard your hardwood floors and carpets from unsightly urine stains and prevent your cat’s urine from spreading everywhere.
[Dual-Layer Design]: Our litter mats innovative dual-layer honeycomb litter trapper mat is designed to effectively gather and trap litter. Simply lift up the mat and all the litter effortlessly falls through. Dump the collected litter back into the litter box for convenient reuse.
[BPA Free & EVA Material]: Crafted from lightweight, durable and environmentally-friendly EVA foam rubber, gentle for sensitive cat paws. Our litter box mat offers a healthy and gentle surface for your pet cat. Phthalate free, non-toxic, odorless, and completely safe for your furry friend.

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